Press Release from Missouri Bicycle Federation

Press Release from the Missouri Bicycle Federation
Missouri Bicyclists Support the Tour of Missouri

The Missouri Bicycle Federation has received word today that the Department of Economic Development, under direction from Governor Nixon, has proposed cutting $1.5 million in funding from the 2009 Tour of Missouri professional bicycle race.

The proposed cut appears to be confirmed in a copy of a memo from Linda Martinez, Director of the Missouri Department of Economic Development, posted to the web site http://savethetourofmissouri.comIf that crucial funding is cut it is likely to stop the 2009 Tour.

"The Tour of Missouri is strongly supported by the two million bicyclists in Missouri," said Missouri Bicycle Federation Executive Director Brent Hugh. "It is an exciting event that has brought tourism dollars to large and small towns across the state, including lots of smaller cities and towns--like bringing the Rams to Branson or St. James."

"The Tour has put Missouri in an amazingly good light on an international stage--and is one of the few investments of this type that actually more than pays for itself in the state tax revenue it brings in."

The 2009 Tour's funding was approved by the General Assembly as part of the regular budget, signed by the Governor, and approved by the Missouri Tourism Commission.

"We thought the Tour funding was safe for 2009," said Hugh. "It's very disappointing to find out that is not true."

The Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation encourages its members and others who support the Tour of Missouri to call the Governor's office at 573-751-3222 to let him know about citizen support for the Tour.

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