UPDATE: DAY 3: Share your Stories!!

Many of you have emailed and called Gov. Jay Nixon. We would like to compile some of these emails and post them here for reporters, fans and politicians to read... Please email your stories to savethetourofmissouri@gmail.com and keep emailing the governor!

Also, the Tour of Missouri folks are encouraging you to make videos and submit them to http://www.tourofmissourifanzone.com/.

Keep it up folks!!! We'll have our answer next week!

UPDATED: Some folks from the Tour of Missouri website just emailed us and told us that the email form on the Tour of Missouri website will now allow people to share their stories on this blog as well!!! Thanks guys!!! Keep sending your emails to Gov. Nixon all weekend long!!!

Here's the link: http://www.tourofmissouri.com/savethetour.html

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