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  1. The Gov. is obviously short sighted. How can you -- anywhere -- in this economy spend $1.5 Million, and get a $29.6 million dollar return on your investment????? The Gov. wants to create jobs. So what do you do --- you cut a successful program that employs up to 1000 people, drives economic stimulus, and brings in $15 million in out of State money. Sadly The California Govenator - Arnold gets this, and supported the Tour of California during one the states darkest economic times. No political backlash came from AToC.

    Gov, get your story straight. This is political. The timing says everything about it. Talk to every community in the State that this goes through, and ask them and the kids how positive this is for their community to have heros like a Lance Armstrong compete in their humble towns. You were elected by the people, listen to the people. I obviously voted for the wrong guy!