KMBC: Nixon Hopes To Settle Tour Of Missouri Soon

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said he hopes to make a decision about the Tour of Missouri bicycle tour set for September.

Citing the budget crunch, Nixon has speculated lately about pulling the state support for the race.

At a Kansas City news conference Nixon said, "The issue is the state budget."

He called the tour a fine event, but also noted the state needs money for schools, hospitals and health care.

Nixon also said he is troubled by the fact that state money is turned over to a nonstate agency, which runs the event. He hinted that more disclosure about how funds are spent is also an element in the final decision.

He also disputed Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder's assertion that he and the governor barely speak. Kinder is a big booster of the bicycle event. Nixon said the claim they don't talk is not true. He said they had a phone conversation last Friday afternoon.

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  1. Governor Nixon is avoiding the obvious, the Tour of Missouri brings in millions of dollar of revenue. What is the point of not funding something that brings in so much money for Missouri?
    Give me $1.5 Million and I'll happily pluck it down for millions more. What's the problem Jay Nixon?