Letter from Lisa

Governor Nixon,

PLEASE end the freeze on the funds for the 2009 Tour of Missouri. As a University of Missouri employee I am very aware of budget issues and cuts. I also fear that refusing to fund the $1.5 million for the tour this year is short sighted when it brings many times that revenue into our state. Also, it is very late in the game to present such a last minute refusal of funding when so many sponsors have pledged money and many great teams/cyclists from across the world are intending to come to the race. The State of Missouri extended invitations to these cyclists who were gracious enough to accept including the USA Team Astana. The Tour of Missouri is something to be PROUD of, not ashamed that after 2 very successful years our government would withdraw promised funds and hurt many citizens financially by taking away business at such a crucial time economically.

Also, as a Cancer survivor, Lance Armstrong's team is reportedly coming to Missouri to ride in the tour this year and it may be the only time many of us ever get to see him ride. I have followed his story for the past 9 years since my initial diagnosis when I read his first book and watched him win his 2nd Tour de France as I received chemotherapy. He is an inspiration to all and many Missourian's fighting cancer and supporting loved ones who fight cancer have been looking forward to seeing his team ride and share the LIVESTRONG message.

Governor, please reconsider this funding freeze and preserve a youthful, healthy, growing event that Missouri can be proud of!


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