Farm Bureau lends support to the Tour!

From the Missouri Farm Bureau, a sponsor of the Tour of Missouri:

By now, many of you may have heard or read news reports that Governor Jay Nixon’s office and the Department of Economic Development are considering withholding $1.5 million in funding for the 2009 Tour of Missouri. This funding represents nearly half of the money needed to hold the event. If the money is withheld, it would most likely result in the cancellation of the Tour. President Kruse has sent a letter to Governor Nixon, urging him not to withhold these funds, and explaining why our organization thinks the Tour of Missouri is good for our state.

Here is Mr. Kruse’s letter to Governor Nixon:

Dear Governor Nixon:

As a supporter of the 2009 Tour of Missouri, we are concerned about the reported proposal to withhold $1.5 million from this year’s race. It is our hope you will consider the ramifications of such an action as it could result in the cancellation of this year’s event.

As one of many sponsors, our organization has been impressed with the overall race and the excitement it generates within Missouri. The fact that the race attracts many of the world’s top professional riders, takes place within the state’s boundaries and encompasses many different regions and communities makes it a unique event. Among other things, we believe the Tour of Missouri provides an excellent opportunity to highlight the diversity of Missouri agriculture.

Businesses, communities and individuals have been making plans associated with the 2009 Tour of Missouri since the conclusion of last year’s race. Withholding funds at this late date would no doubt make it difficult to hold this year’s race; canceling the event would obviously have a detrimental economic impact and also create uncertainty about the ability of the state to honor financial commitments associated with future events.

Following the conclusion of the 2009 Tour of Missouri, it makes sense to analyze the overall economic impact of the event and evaluate the use of general revenue or other state resources in the future. Ultimately, these issues will be important as state officials decide whether or not to extend the Tour of Missouri beyond this year.

Charles E. Kruse

President, Missouri Farm Bureau

We will keep you posted as to future developments.If you wish to contact Governor Nixon’s office to voice your support of the Tour of Missouri, the telephone number is 573-751-3222 and the email address is

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