KY3 Political Notebook: Kinder "Thrilled" Nixon Now a Tour Supporter


ALSO: Says "Dust-Up" Will Supercharge This Year's Race

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder said the "dust-up" over the possible cancellation of this year's Tour of Missouri will have a supercharge effect on the cycling race now less than three months away.

Kinder held a Tuesday afternoon conference call to thank the volunteers, supporters and media who helped rally to save the 2009 tour from a $1.5 million dollar cut that would have halted the race. Gov. Nixon announced Tuesday that he would release the state funds for the event, but called for more "transparency and accountability."

Kinder made sure to note that the race was "threatened by actions of the Nixon administration," but said he was thrilled to now be able to call the Governor a supporter of the Tour. "I am delighted by the news today that Governor Nixon . . . has released the funds," Kinder said, adding that he was "especially delighted" to welcome Nixon to the ranks of supporters.

Kinder also took note of
video posted by The Notebook last week of then-candidate Nixon taking a shot at the race during a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Springfield last September.

Kinder said those comments showed Nixon "ridiculing and casting aspersions on the Tour of Missouri." He said today marks the first indication that Nixon is a supporter of the effort.

"It is not my victory. It is your victory," Kinder told supporters on the call.

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