EMAIL THE GOVERNOR NOW!!! Form available!!!

Tour of Missouri now has an email form that goes directly to the Governor's office!!!

Thank you, guys!!! Let's fill some inboxes!!!


  1. We've traveled from Colorado for the past 2 years to watch the Tour of Missouri. Do not cancel the race. The teams coming to MO this year are the best European and American teams by far.

  2. The governor has made a mistake in suggesting the cancelation of the Tour of Missouri and would make a bigger mistake if he were to actually follow through with canceling. This race is about cycling and the great state of Missouri. A lot of Missourians from border to border have put a lot of effort to bring these events to our towns and to pull them would be an injustice. This is an event that we have been building off of and are proud to have in our town and the governor should rethink his strategy on saving money before taking any further actions and costing towns hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue in advertising, tourism, and sponsorship and economic development.

  3. you stink, i didn,t vote for you and this is why, the one amazing thing that can help our econemy not to mention the people in it, how crazy can you be, we need to get someone as governer who realizes how important this tour is to the people and our econemy,the state of missouri and its people have worked hard for this and canceling it will be a huge mistake.